Attorney General Maura Healey has certified a petition to put a question on the November 2018 ballot that would raise the current minimum wage of $11 to $12 in 2019, $13 in 2020, $14 in 2021, and $15 in 2022. The proposed law would also increase the current minimum wage of $3.75 per hour for tipped employees to $5.05 in 2019, $6.35 in 2020, $7.64 in 2021, and $9.00 in 2022.

In Massachusetts, one can file an initiative petition with the Office of the Attorney General to put questions on the ballot. Attorney General Maura Healey must review and certify that a petition complies with the constitutional guidelines for it to move through the rest of the process. Filing the petition and having it certified is one step of several to achieve getting a question on the ballot. Your PS&A team will keep you apprised of any new developments on this important issue.

Governor Baker signed the An Act to Establish Pay Equity (S. 2119) on August 1, 2016, which amended the current Massachusetts Equal Pay Act to ensure equal pay for comparable work for virtually all Massachusetts employees. The new law is intended to help close the wage gap between men and women performing comparable work. Although the new law is not effective until July 1, 2018, it is important to understand now how the law impacts your business so that you can plan and budget accordingly. Our newest issue of HR Insights provides an overview of the law, discusses HR practice implications, and provides a checklist of action items for consideration.

Be sure to check out our HR at Work Job Aid, Compensation and Benefits by the Numbers -2018 Changes. The job aid is a one-page reference tool that lists and compares all the limits, thresholds, and other compensation and benefits requirements for 2018 and 2017, including Massachusetts and federal minimum wage requirements, Social Security and Medicare tax rates, Health Savings Accounts, high deductible plans, Affordable Care Act, flexible spending accounts, commuter benefits, adoption assistance programs, and retirement plans.